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May Painting LLC

House looking a little dull lately? Maybe you just need an updated look! Our professional crew can bring the exterior of your home up to date with a fresh paint job. We use products like Duration from Sherwin Williams, Aura from Benjamin Moore, and Weatherguard from Hallman Linsey so that you will get the longest life out of your next paint job. We aim to have the entire process just as great as the end product, so sit back and enjoy the show!

Our detailed process and our years of experience with exterior painting set us apart from the competition.  Respecting your home is our number one goal. When you choose our professional painting contractors, you can expect a clean work area and top-quality results.

Exterior painting services
Wood siding
Aluminum siding
Vinyl siding
Eaves, soffit, facia
Garage doors and carports
Gates, fences
Patios, pagodas, decks
Our Process

Your home’s exterior does some important work in both protecting your home and making it look great. It is important to get a good job done right the first time!

Our crew will perform the appropriate prep by pressure washing and removing all dirt, atmospheric grime, and any loose paint. All loose paint chips will be cleaned up with our yard vacuums to ensure your yard stays neat and clean. Then we cover all the items near your house that cannot be moved to protect them from any damage and flecking to keep all your property nice and clean all through the job. Next, we spot-prime any bare areas to ensure your home’s exterior is well-sealed. We then pick over your home's exterior and caulk any joints with exterior-rated caulk. Finally, we apply two coats of high-quality paint of your choice.

The very final step is the clean-up and the job walk. Our crew loads up all the tools and returns your yard back to the way we found it. They then invite you to walk the finished product for your approval. Don’t worry, even if you notice something a week or even a month down the road, feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to take care of it.


Are you looking for exterior painting services in the southeast Wisconsin area and beyond?


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