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May Painting LLC

Let us give your house a good cleaning with our fast and tidy pressure washing services. Our crew will get your home’s exterior looking as good as new in as little as a few hours using a natural super detergent and a pressure wash. The professionals on our team will safely and gently clean the most fragile parts of your home while washing away years of dust and grime! It’s an easy way to restore your home’s curb appeal at a reasonable price.

Our Process

We start by hosing down your home’s exterior with an environmentally safe concentrate cleaner that will loosen up all those hard-to-get-at stains.


Next, we carefully protect any fragile areas of your home’s exterior like the door and window seals.


Then, we give your house the royal treatment with our pressure washer and wash away all the years of dirt, grime, and chalky faded paint. Your home will look like new!


Finally, we clean it all up and will walk the job with you for your approval. Our crew won’t leave until you are satisfied!


Are you looking for pressure washing services in the southeast Wisconsin area and beyond?


Call May Painting LLC today!

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